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Infographic: What you need to do when making a refugee claim

If you have reached out to Legal Aid Ontario and we agree to pay for a lawyer to help you prepare your claim and to represent you at the Immigration and Refugee Board,必威官方平台在线授权do not pay the lawyer yourself for these services.Legal Aid Ontario will pay for these services.必威官方平台在线授权

Dr.Meb Rashid of Canadian Doctors for Refugee Care: How healthcare cuts are failing refugees

Dr.Meb Rashid is a Toronto-based physician who specializes in refugee healthcare.He is a co-founding physician of Canadian Doctors for Refugee Care.Healthcare leadership in Canada has come together to oppose the changes to our refugee healthcare system announced in April 2012 and implemented in June 2012.As physicians,we know that these cuts: […]

What will you do for Prisoners' Justice Day?

Prisoners' Justice Day has been observed every year on August 10 since 1975 to call attention to human rights and justice for prisoners.This year,the theme is mental health,and the Canadian Civil Liberties Association,LAO and the John Howard Society of Toronto will be hosting several leading legal activists for a day of […]

Viens vivre en Ontario (Come live in Ontario) – Ontario Government Immigration Website supports Francophone newcomers

By Mélissa Loïzou As bilingual counsel at the Hamilton Community Legal Clinic/Clinique juridique communautaire de Hamilton,I have been witness to many changes in the Francophone community in Ontario.Thanks to increased immigration from French-speaking countries,I've seen the Francophone population in the Hamilton area steadily grow over time.Within this population,many of our clients […]

Achieving inclusion for refugees and immigrants with disabilities

Imagine the dilemma of a mentally handicapped refugee claimant who commits a crime,or a developmentally handicapped immigrant in detention at the airport.The ARCH Disability Law Centre and the Law Society of Upper Canada's Equity Initiatives Department put together legal professionals at a recent seminar to discuss these scenarios and provide lawyers with strategies to deal with them.